With millions of bloggers all fighting to be heard, I decided to be unique and give other people a voice too. There are so many blogs out there, wanting to help people… I’m trying to make mine as interactive as possible.

I set up this blog to help people who suffer with mental health illnesses, to see that there is more to the world than being medicated and still feeling trapped in the environment you’re in. I now want to help people break free by hopefully becoming an inspiration to them, as I had others do for me.I understand that some mental health conditions require medication and that should not be questioned, however in my opinion there are far too many cases where people are being provided with medication, when the most they require is for someone to hear them. I have Finally come to see that travel is the only drug I need. With the experiences I’m getting along the way, the amazing people I’m meeting and also the feeling I get from knowing I’ve helped even ONE person, I have enough highs to get me through the bad days.The Late Robin Williams (Legend)

If you are suffering with mental health issues and / or having suicidal thoughts, please CLICK HERE for local help, resources and guidance. No one should ever feel alone nor should anyone ever feel suicide is ever an option.

Not when we have such a beautiful world waiting to help us heal.

For friendly advice on all matters related to travel and/or mental health illnesses, please use the 1-TO-1 tab in the drop down menu. I will personally offer help and support and all conversations will be treated as confidential, except when harm is likely to come to others. (Due to issues with internet connection, I am currently unable to provide 1-TO-1 help, time is often of the essence and I’m not able to provide speedy responses at this moment in time.) Thanks for your understanding.

I also allow guest posts. Those who feel they have a story they feel may help others, could be invited to the website as a contributor to submit their story. CLICK HERE for more details.

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The name Rebefser is a Swedish travel word spelt in reverse. Resfeber, meaning: “The restless race of the traveller’s heart before the journey begins.”