6 Months In. ~ Blog entry #1

So from the day I got in the car and headed to the airport, with my brother and his wife… the teary goodbye at the doorstep with the mother, who for a year prior had been both my best mate and my house mate in one.

To today… just over 6 months on.

Everything that has happened in between has, so far, been an incredible experience.

I remember the feeling on the last day of April, as I was putting the finishing touches to my packing (by which I mean starting my packing)

“Only an hour until my lift arrives” and the little buggers turned up early… anyone who knows my brother knows that that does not happen.

However I did the last minute panic check, as we all do. Frantically searching for my passport, convinced that someone has hidden it to stop me from leaving. But eventually I leave, no soon as we hit the road and it’s your standard Mackie’s Breakfast stop… 😂🤣

I the feeling of nerves is never enough to come between me and a Mackie’s Brekky.

Anyway I get to the airport as my sister in law Kelly, in her hormonal state due to pregnancy decides it’s a great idea to have herself a little meltdown… I think that point was the hardest I’d fought back the tears.

I enter the airport and I’m all alone…

“This is it” I say to myself. And it was indeed.

From that point on I was not to see my friends or family (in person) for a long time.

I check in… and make my way through security with no problems. However that never stops me from feeling as though the whole crowd thinks I’m guilty of drug smuggling and or explosives of some description. No! Straight through and into the departure lounge for my 8am pint of Larger to “calm the nerves” the standard airport alcoholics excuse. 😉👍🏼🍺

Anyway the flights themselves… not really much to write home about… wish I’d gone first class and the food was crap. 😂💩

So destination Melbourne… we flew into the airport and I remember thinking “jeepers creepers, look at the size of the city”

The buildings were huge but I looked amazingly beautiful.

So in Melbourne I met my friends and it was great fun, the best thing was visiting the ‘SkyDeck @ Eureka Tower’ 😲

However I only lasted two weeks.

I’d definitely say I have to head back to Melbourne in the summer as the weather was wet and cold… not much different to what I’d left.

So here goes… the newly found adventurer in me decided “Bo***cks to this, I’m leaving”

With only one plan In mind I booked a flight for destination Sun Shine 🛩🌞

It dawned on me at the point I arrived back at the airport, this feeling of anxiety would probably show its ugly face every time I’m I. A airport.

This it it though, Cairns here I come.


Cairns was everything I didn’t realise I needed.

The people I met in Cairns and the fun times I had, they were second to none. Now an unfortunate lesson I’ve learnt in life is that with the up’s you also get the down’s.

For me this came in the form of a couple of people who decided they would rip me off by allowing me to pay for stuff, under the false pretence of getting the money back.

However we need these lessons to validate that people like that exist and have no shame in taking advantage of someone in no different a situation to themselves.

Moving on, far North Queensland was just an amazing place and treated me so kindly.

From there it was off to start my Regional work. (Farm Work)

I’m not going to detail the time I spent at the farm as wish to save that for other posts In the near future.

September 22nd I left the farm and headed off again to meet up with a friend I’d met in Melbourne and again in Cairns, Babz.

Babz had managed to find us both a job in a roadhouse in North of Northern Territory.

Things here did not exactly go to plan

(Hence my reluctance to making plans)

But things turned out ok in the end as Babz and I are now in the same place again… another roadhouse, Northwest of Alice Springs in central Australia.

A roadhouse is the same as a truck stop in the UK except they are in the middle of nowhere with nothing close by. Also there is everything… bar, shop, restaurant, motel, pool and accommodation for ourselves of course.

So that brings me to today.

My purpose for this blog, is to get people involved…

I want to know what places you can recommend for me to visit, preferably from personal experience. Places that are great photo opportunities.

Send me your tips on my Facebook page by the same name.

On that note… the name: Rebefser.

It is a Swedish word spelt backwards. I will add a pic with the definition of that word… the reason I decided on this name was the best people I’ve met so far seem to be Swedish and I’m a little backwards… so makes perfect sense… poise the definition sums up me and my new found adventurous spirit.

I have many more adventures to come and wish to share them all with you guys.

Thanks for following.

Stay Awesome.


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