Making every Melbourne moment count. ~ Blog Entry #2

Arriving in Melbourne I felt as a goldfish would, if taken from its bowl and placed in the sea.

Everything was new, everything seemed unnecessarily large and the rights of way on the roads were just completely baffling.

However it was a sight to behold for a small town guy.

I’d have to say the most intimidating of all the buildings would be the Eureka Tower.

It is the second tallest building in Australia and the highest observation deck in the Southern Hemisphere.

The building itself was a marvel with giant golden bees on the side, by the entrance and a glass elevator that extends from the observation deck itself, holding you mercilessly 297 meters above the busy streets of Melbourne, with astounding panoramic views. (Cool fact) the upper 10 floors of glass are plated with 24 carat gold. 😲😲 fancy!!

Melbourne Library is also a must see…

the building doubles up as a museum and is a great afternoon out. Opposite from the library is a bar named Asian Beer Cafè which is great for a drink with friends… here you will find a heated balcony with the most amazing views, of the library and the surrounding high rises from the advantage low point, free from the hustle and bustle of the streets below.

There are many great public parks and buildings in Melbourne you would benefit from obtaining a Myke card from any newsagents, this enables you to use the public transport. Just be sure to top the card up with credit before journeys as the inspectors can be very unforgiving.

St Kilda is a must and you should enjoy an Irish Bar ☘️ every place you visit… therefor I’d recommend The Fifth Province, great food great selection of drinks, very friendly staff and excellent live music.

also I’d recommend Abbey Road Cafe, they do the most amazing breakfast and cocktails.

Now It was closed when I was there but apparently Luna Park is also a great place to visit.

More important than the place itself are the people you meet.

I met some great people in Melbourne, I had friends there prior to my arrival but I left with more.

I’d have to say my favourite days were the day I did Eureka SkyDeck with Ruth & Eilidh, Jeez we had such a great time, afterwards we went for a drink I a little bar under a footbridge and it was there I discovered that black swans actually exist… 😲😲 I never knew this 😂

Also the day I visited Brighton beach boxes with Sarah.

What an amazing day with such an amazing person.

Sometimes in life you meet people who are proof that everything you love about humanity still exists… that was Sarah.

I’ll leave this video here for your viewing.

Finally talking of having friends there already, it’s amazing what a box of treats from home can do for someone… also amazing how much it costs but hey let’s not complain…

Happy Gemma after her family send her treats she was missing from back home. X

Love this girl i do and love her family too.

Thanks for following 😘


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