Cairns to Cape Tribulation. ~ Blog Entry #6

I took two trips along this route and both will be remembered for different reasons.

My first trip we called in at some of the picturesque beaches along the famous Captain Cook Highway, arguably the greatest ocean road in Australia. Personally I haven’t driven enough of them to make and educated decision, yet!(excuse the dirty window)

The beaches along this road however are just incredible and the views are so breathtakingly beautiful.

Port Douglas

Port Douglas is a great little place to visit.

We passed through during Carnival, there was many things to do throughout the weekend.

The whole event seemed very well planned.

4 Mile Beach is great too, it was the first of two beaches I have swam at In Australia.

We stayed two nights at the Port Douglas Backpackers Hostel, ( )

Was very reasonable for the price.(such a great day for the beach)

(our BBQ was the talk of the beach)

Mossman Gorge

This place is just something else.

When you arrive you’ll find a bus terminal, I think the bus was around $15 each return.

We decided we would walk instead to the gorge itself as it was only around 2km or so away.

The walk was pretty easy and there’s some great spots along the way for photo opportunities.

Wow! the gorge was definitely worth the walk, the water was cold but like mint, I felt the water was making my whole body tingle.

It so much fun walking the suspended bridges.

Daintree Rainforest Reserve

When driving this route, you must pre book your vehicle (if you’re in your own) onto the daintree river ferry.

(crazy people use ferries too).

The road through the rainforest is fascinating and is an amazing drive with sheer drops on one side with views for days.

However the roads can be incredibly dangerous, there was a fallen tree the night we were on the road an due to the sheer darkness I almost didn’t see it, luckily Iwas driving slow. Definitely enjoy the views and don’t miss the view points, you can get amazing photos from these.

Cape Tribulation

First things first, some times it pays not to scrimpon cost with things such as accommodation. We decided we would stay in a log cabin on the edge of the rainforest & sea. What a great choice this turned out to be.

Cape Tribulation Beach House was like no place I’ve stayed before.

You should BE VERY AWARE the risk of crocodile attacks in the entire area from Cairns, especially from Port Douglas and up is very high, this risk is real and should not be taken lightly.

People have and infact even recently, lost there lives due to lack of understanding, sense and just poor judgment.

Be sure however to ask locals about the swim holes…. if you can find them they are a must see. And don’t worry there’s no crocs.

That kinda sums up my trip from Cairns to Cape Trib via Port Douglas & Mossman Gauge.

I hope you all enjoy it one day as much as I did.

My best advice Ican offer is:

If possible find someone who has there own car and take the weekend to enjoythis trip… the day trips on offer are to over priced and too rushed.

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