New Year’s Disillusions. ~ Blog Entry #8

So we’re a week into 2018.

Many of you will have already failed your New Year’s Resolution. Worry not! There is still something you can do.

We all set ourselves unrealistic goals, setting ourselves up for failure, all we need to do is promise ourselves we will be happy with whatever we achieve, No matter how small.

Achieving small goals is much better that failing to meet big ones.

My New Year’s resolutions:

These are all achievable goals… and in doing so will make me feel more positive.

I have always said that if life is a race, it is better to start at the rear and work your way forward passing everyone along the way, than to start at the front and have others pass you along the way.

It’s all a game of “frame of mind” and how to make the ‘power of positivity’ work in your favour.

So you put on a few pounds, dry January has been quite the opposite or you caved in and had a cheeky cigarette…

To heck with it!!

are you happy? If not work on it.

Do you have great friends/family? If not work on it.

We’re all the masters of out own fate.

As part of my New Year Resolution, I plan to start an online Vlog on YouTube.

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I don’t preach, I only suggest.

Resolutions aside, I hope that all of you are having a great new year.

2018 – Make It Your Year

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