What A Difference, A Year Makes. ~ Blog Entry #9

My next blog is a post I wrote on Facebook, to keep myself motivated on my chosen path.

A year on:

I took my own advice.

I am traveling Australia, have stepped outside of my comfort zone on so many occasions, made other people laugh, made myself laugh, made and lost friends, loved what I do, been loyal, kind, caring and accepting and compliment people as often as I can.

I don’t ever claim to be perfect but I always try and that’s the most important thing in life.

25th January 2017

“The life we live is 10% of the life we could live.

The other 90% is out there,

we’re blinded by society.

Tricked into thinking that what we have, is all we deserve.

Who we are as a person is all we’ll ever be.

Don’t waste your time with negativity.

Fill your life with love and laughter.

Don’t be sad when your let down.

Know that you are the creator of your own destiny.

Use your set backs as the fuel that drives you on.

I refuse to let people hold the controls for me…

This is my life,

I chose my friends,

Would never change my family,

I 😂 and ❤️ in equal quantities,

I follow my own path.

There is a world 🌎 out there,

Beyond social media,

Beyond bitching with mates,

Beyond getting drunk with the same people… every weekend…

it’s waiting for you,

To break free from the bullshit (10%) that we call living.

We will all one day meet the same fate,

And I know when that day arrives,

I want to be sure,

that no matter the number years in my life,

I want the life in my years to to prevail.

You don’t need to be a bricklayer to create the path of life…

there is literally no excuse for any of us to not be living.

Remember it’s Quality not Quantity.

Smile as often as possible.

Pay a compliment.

Be kind and caring.

Be accepting.

Be Loyal… (to yourself) + others.




#Laughter “

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