The Struggle You’re In Today… ~ Blog Entry #14

Suicide Prevention.

“The Struggle You’re In Today is developing the strength you need for tomorrow.” ~ Robert Tew

I couldn’t tell you the number of times I’ve sat and thought to myself… “this is it, it cannot get any tougher than this.” SPOILER ALERT! It does. Life is not supposed to be easy, only few have it so. But they’re not as lucky as I used to believe, no! Not in the slightest, in fact they’re very much the opposite.enlight28-1The struggles we face in life define who we are, who we become. Without the bad how can we appreciate the good. You see, there are so many people in this world who have very few worries and stresses but I always find their existence is very monotone and they never really appreciate that they have a great life because they’ve never had it tough, most feel they want more too… what they have is never enough.98E99A6D-14E2-4BD0-89F5-F0217AE34639 As for the likes of you and me, we have been to those dark places, we appreciate what we have and rarely want or need more because any place other than the dark places we frequent is better. But it’s what follows which makes everything so worthwhile, yes life is tough and yes we have extra demons that live forever clawing just below our ankles. 0D4BAF98-6677-49BE-9A84-E99105AB3E07However! We are here now, every time we make it through days where we struggle l, we should know that we are survivors. Hold our heads high, accepting that we are the masters of our own fate, the hero in our own stories. following every successful pass through those dark days, you have made yourself a stronger person having taken the most difficult route, giving you strength to continue, knowing that the dark days are behind you, if only for now… And yes! it does more often than not become tougher! But remember, you are stronger than you were the time before.img_5721

I always say “Every Day May Not Be Good, But There’s Something Good In Every Day.”

You just have to actively seek it. 

It hurts to hear stories of suicide and warnings of what we can and cannot talk about, through fear of triggering someone into taking there own life. I believe that encouraging people who are suffering, to remain silent is as damaging to them, if not more so.F55F5DE4-16B4-4B10-8E4B-2DF592B3B12C We are social beings we must talk, a major key in successfully coping with troublesome times, is having a support network around you. Unfortunately some people do not have this network which is very sad, those are the people we need to look out for, using our own experience to tend to their needs. As well as them however, it is often the ones you would never expect, always seeing to appear in high spirits. Such as Robin Williams 4C0F66FD-6703-484D-8E45-CDD29A655010(a true hero of my childhood)

but how to know when? You have seen the places you’ve seen, been to the places you’ve been. (Metaphorically speaking). You know the tell tale signs, you just have to look for them. Call someone if you worried about them or just send them a message of support. Often knowing that someone is there can be enough.7FD578EF-DEA7-49B8-9AE5-6ABB5F64391E  Nothing can replace face to face interactions, this should always be goal when helping others, invite your friend for coffee and a chat.A27F2074-7BBB-486B-B6EC-5934812C3587The main thing is looking after yourself and knowing that even though things may never really get any easier, you will become stronger and more resilient. Set yourself Small goals to an overall target and smash those goals, never stop when you reach a goal… always push yourself to do better. Be confident in yourself and always remember that you matter. 

I wish to dedicate this entry to a fallen hero, my first Sergeant in the British Army. Another good man gone way too soon.

R.I.P Daniel Taylor

No one should ever be left to feel that suicide is their only option. There is always someone who is willing and able to help. If you are having thoughts of self harm or suicide then please seek help immediately. I am not a professional but I am willing to help, CLICK HERE to contact me direct for help and guidance.


Or CLICK HERE to find local, professional, support & crisis helplines and other resources. 


if you have a personal story you feel may inspire others and help them find ways of coping with a mental illness, or a travel story you wish to share please SUBMIT A MESSAGE OF INTEREST HERE and I will contact you for further information.


Stay strong everyone, and stay awesome.

Dale ~

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