About Me

My name is Dale Ryan, I’m 31 years of age and I’m currently traveling solo around Australia.

Australia has been my temporary home since May 2017, I’ve been lucky enough to be granted a second year in this amazingly diverse country, which is great as I still have so much more to see, do and learn. And have so many more new people to meet and crazy experiences to be had.

i decided to leave the life I was living back in my homeland U.K, following my idea that maybe travel could heal a broken mind. The idea is that so many people are medicated nowadays for only minor health issues and to me that seems crazy. It’s rumoured that there are around 2 billion people in the world currently suffer with some form of Mental Health Condition, many of whom are receiving medication. My theory is that, instead of automatically advising a person that they have a chemical imbalance in their brain, they should instead be advised to try as best they can to make changes and adjustments in their life to make living life much easier, happier and overall a more enjoyable experience. After all, we are here for a good time, not a long time.

I appriciate that some conditions require medication, I would never suggest someone stops taking medication against their doctors advice. I only hope to inspire people to take steps towards a healthier life as I’m doing.

I suffered for 8 years with Generalised Anxiety Disorder (G.A.D), with no diagnosis due to being in the Armed Forces. (If I was diagnosed by the Forces then they would have been responsible) following my diagnosis I was immediately given medication which made me very unwell and I lost a lot of weight as a result. I tried a number of times but of the medication I was given for my symptoms, one made me sick and the other made me aggressive. Given the circumstances I stopped using the medication and looked for alternatives. That’s when I considered the idea of altering my frame of mind using travel to help.

so far I’ve been successful, in the past 14 months I’ve had one lapse for 2 days which is the best I’ve ever felt since 2007.

Heres to my future and hoping that I can be an inspiration to many people along the way.

If you are suffering with mental health issues and / or having suicidal thoughts, please click here for local help resources and guidance. No one should ever feel alone nor should anyone ever feel suicide is an option.